Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Resource by the Best AS/NT Author!

The very clearest explanations of how Aspergers Syndrome affects a relationship with an NT partner are found in Ashley Stanford's book "Aspergers Syndrome and Long-Term Relationships."  That was my Aspergers bible when I started this journey, and I strongly recommend every NT who is in any sort of relationship (but particularly a romantic one) with an aspie, read that book, even before reading any others.  It simply hits the nail on the head for the NT partner who is struggling to understand the crazy AS/NT journey (that now finally has a name!) that she has been on.

When I recently stumbled upon a new book by Ms. Stanford, I could not wait to purchase it.  Troubleshooting Relationships on the Autism Spectrum: A User's Guide to Resolving Relationship Problems by Ashley Stanford.

Hope these resources help you as much as they have helped me!



  1. I cannot tell you how helpful your suggestion was for the book "Aspergers Syndrome and Long-Term Relationships". I have been married for 23 years and have two children. It was suggested to me three years ago by my therapist that my husband and his father may have Asperger's. Ashley Staffords book is extemely insightful and accurate on what we as spouses experience everyday living with a person who has Asperger's. My husband denies that he has it, however, I have been using some of the tools she has suggested, and they definitely have been helping our relationship and our family.

  2. What a jewel your blog is. I have felt so alone for so long as a wife of an (undiagnosed) aspie and son. What a blessing this is. Thank you for providing this blog for lonely, frustrated wives like myself. x