Friday, March 23, 2012

When Your Aspie is Also a Fool

These years of blogging through my Asperger's Journey have been very, very helpful for me.  I understand some of my children, my spouse, and some other family members so much better now.  And I am so thankful to God for giving wisdom.  And thankful for all of you who commented and shared your insights and encouragement!

I do believe you can have a relationship with an aspie.  I do believe you can learn good ways to communicate with an aspie.  I do know it is very hard work.  I also know it can be extremely rewarding.

The Jan Silvious "Foolproofing Your Life" book really threw a wrench in things for me.  Because while I believe one can successfully communicate with an aspie, I do not believe one can communicate well with a fool.   And I believe I am dealing with an aspie . . . who is also a fool.

One who is consistently acting foolishly, at least.  And I believe God can change him.  And as far as the marriage goes, I'm not going anywhere . . . not physically anyway.  But my expectations for "Good Aspergers Relationship" are now erased and replaced with "Let a man meet a bear robbed of her cubs rather than a fool in his folly."  You see, I've been foolish myself for too long.  But I am emotionally distanced now.  I've moved from trying to hiding.  Communicating with the polite kindness one would show to a stranger.

And the crazy thing is . . . I am so much more content.  Peaceful.  More rested. 

I think my blog is now complete.  (Blog2Print dot com has a 15% off sale code simplysave15 and I plan to print a copy keepsake blog book and cease posting here.  Anyone is welcome to print any parts of this blog.  I have no copyright.)

I encourage you to keep learning about Asperger's Syndrome, and to keep loving your aspies.  They are not all fools.  (And God can make the foolish wise!)  I will always keep praying.