Friday, September 18, 2009

Expressive Language Disorder

Our daughter was diagnosed by the speech therapist with Expressive Language Disorder. From what I understand, Social Pragmatic Disorder is included in this, but ELD is more comprehensive in scope.

Her recent "homework" is to name three things/attributes about any given object. For example, I am to say "tell me three things about a cookie." This is harder for her than I would have imagined.

She also was given a short paragraph to read and then is told to choose between three options of what might have happened next, what is the likely reason the person did something, or what would the person like best . . . She was NOT able to get these correct!

Another page of homework has sentences describing a situation and she is to answer how she thinks each person would feel in the situation.

I would not have thought to work on any of these things without the direction of the speech therapist, so I am very glad we are pursuing this!