Thursday, January 30, 2014

Learning to Trust Again

The single most helpful book I have read to date throughout my asperger's syndrome journey is "Boundaries" by Cloud and Townsend.  The second is like it, but goes deeper, once a person is ready to go deeper.  "Beyond Boundaries:  Learning to Trust Again in Relationships" by Dr. John Townsend is worth adding to your bookshelf or Kindle.

It's rare for a Christian to be biblically counseled that it's okay necessary sometimes to set strict limits on what behaviors one will put up with from a spouse, relative, coworker, or friend.  When hurt becomes harm, it's time to set protective limits around oneself.  Such limits may even mean ending the relationship entirely. 

And that's okay, too.


  1. Prayers for you! It's a tough lesson - and there are so many people who don't understand, nor do they want to. But God does. And He loves you through it all, and will take care of you!

  2. "And then if thou endure it well, God shall exhault thee on high, thou shalt triumph over all foes". This is scripture I have read often. Not to say my Husband is foe or my 14 yr old son. They just have aspergers and we are surviving. We have our ups and downs but are able at times to find good mediums and boundaries. Thanks for this blog. It's nice to know I'm not alone. My marriage is going on 17 yrs and just recently did I discover what my Husband and son both have. It has a name! I can work with this now. They are smart as whips and totally dedicated to what interests them, socially clueless, and communication is painful, but I have hope that if I don't just endure, but endure it well, we will triumph! Yes psyching myself up is helping. I have 4 boys. The oldest is the 14 yr old who also has ADHD, then my 12 yr old who doesn't understand the emotional disconnect his brother has for him. He also has just grown out of a 6 yr hip disease, then there's my 9 yr old who also was diagnosed with the same hip disease at age 6. He also struggles with being over weight and being teased at school. Then there's my almost 6 yr old who I am still trying to figure out. Tantrums, hugs and all. He also has a weight issue as does his brother. So I guess I really need to get pshyched because if I don't my anxiety is going to get the best of me and then I will be of help to know one. Please keep blogging and keep hanging in and enduring.

  3. Finding a Christian counselor to help you process so many stressful issues could be invaluable. Or a really strong, godly woman who listens, empathizes, and encourages you!

    1. I just found your blog and would love to contact you as I have a similar situation. Let me know if there is a way you feel comfortable communicating privately. Thank you for sharing your story!