Sunday, February 5, 2012

On Grief and Letting Go

From the book Boundaries:

"Let go.  Face what you will never have from this person, or who this person symbolizes.  This will be like a funeral.  You will go through the stages of grief--denial, bargaining, anger, sadness, acceptance....  You will be amazed at how much can change in your life when you finally begin to let go of what you can never have. 

Letting go is the way to serenity.  Grief is the path."


  1. Yes - exactly. Did that myself although I didn't read the instruction manual!

  2. I keep thinking I'm there and then I bounce back to all the other stages. This is taking way too long to achieve. :(

  3. Thank you so much for your blog. I am in a really bad place right now because I am in love with an Aspie and he recently proposed. We have a wonderful relationship but we've seen the dark times and this is all with the effort that I know he is putting in to ensure that I marry him. I feel suffocated sometimes, like I need to leave and find someone who will be less difficult to handle. Another relationship where it won't always be him we are trying to accommodate and express sympathy and understanding for. I love my fiance very much. I love him and I know he can't even imagine life without me. We find great happiness and comfort in each other but I am deathly afraid that once he gets tired of trying to emotionally satisfy me I will not have the strength or patience to build a good marriage with him. I am so easily frustrated. I am so sorry to rant like this. I just don't know whether love is enough or whether I should get out before I cannot.