Thursday, July 28, 2011

NT/AS compared to NT/AL-Z!

Just had a Lightbulb Moment.  Only scratching the surface of this and plan to dig deeper here as I am able: 

But here's the thought:  We aspie wives probably have much in common with wives of men who have Alzheimer's  !

A few similarities:
1.  Many of us know something is not working typically in our spouse's neurology, and yet we are NOT able to drop our expectations for our spouse to act typically.
2.  They don't really know us.  They can be kind and do things that are asked of them.  But they don't really know who we are.
3.  The odd ways and strange little things they do tend to add up and drive us batty.
4.  We are caregivers in need of support and a respite.

Maybe we've been scuba diving for coping strategies in waters that haven't been chartered yet.  Maybe it is the spouses of alzheimers patients who have the most wisdom to share with aspergers syndrome spouses.  Same water.  Different boat.


  1. A good book with a Christian look at disability is called "Same Lake Different Boat." You should check it out.

  2. Hey there T.A.! Your comment totally cracked me up! :) I can read any comments you post and will keep them private if you ask me not to publish them.

    No email listed as I am trying to stay as anonymous as possible. SO sorry. :( and thanks so much for the comment. I needed some encouragement today!

    Do you have a blog?