Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Movie "The Switch" (has hints of asperger's); Autism the Musical

The movie "The Switch" with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Anniston seems to portray a man and a little boy with several autistic traits.  I really enjoyed the movie and want to watch it again, next time paying closer attention to those characters.

I also recently watched "Autism: The Musical" and heartily recommend it.  Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time!  I empathized so much with the parents of the autistic children.


  1. i saw yesterday the fim, the Switch, and I was surprised and almost please to see myself in the boy and the man characters. I am over 50 and not long ago began suspecting that I am an aspie, and I was wondering after seeing the film yesterday if someone else saw what I saw! I am happy you did. thanks!

  2. i live with an aspie. in no way is the dad character aspie. the kid, maybe, yeh, but not the dad. no way.