Monday, March 28, 2011

Social Skills Songs

Our children love the social skills songs by Jeanne Lyons on her cd called "Gather the Stars."  They are learning about flexibility, changing the subject, and not talking on and on and on.  My personal favorite is the song which encourages patience and faith with people on the autism spectrum.  "Christina", "Flexibility," and my children's favorite, "Perseveration Station," can be heard by clicking the star next to the lyrics here:

To hear the funny "Personal Space Invaders" and "Long-Winded Lou" and a few others you'll need to buy the cd.  :) 

I wish Mrs. Lyons would make an updated version with just her beautiful voice and a guitar.  This cd was created over a decade ago, but the lyrics and music are fun and helpful anyway.  My guess is children up to the age of ten would enjoy singing along with these social skills songs.

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