Friday, January 21, 2011

"A Rough Companion"

This quote from "The Loveliness of Christ" seemed quite applicable to me as a Christian aspergers wife:

"He cutteth off your love to the creature, that ye might learn that God only is the right owner of your love, sorrow, loss, sadness, death, or the worst things that are, except sin:  but Christ knoweth well what to make of them, and can put his own in the crosses common, that we shall be obliged to affliction, and thank God, who learned us to make our acquaintance with such a rough companion, who can hale us to Christ."


  1. drbellushi@yahoo.comJanuary 21, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    hey i feel your pain,i was nearly tricked into marrying an aspie,i have no problems with aspies,don't get me wrong but she had no plans of telling me she was an aspie,until i made the diagnosis and looked into her family which she made sure i had minimal contact with all the while..on seeing her dads quirky behavior and supra normal intelligence without any friends....i figured...i still love her but i cant get over the lying part...broke all the trust..and by the way we are both doctors....her dad says he doesnt believe in 'labels'.....i dont believe in dishonesty either....wish u all the luck in the world...i feel ur pain in all ways...not many people know what being an aspie is talkless dating one...marrying one is certainly a full time job!!!

  2. Very much enjoy your posts. You help me to understand a little better what my wife is going through when having to deal with me. I have great compassion for any woman married to an Aspie. If life with us if even half as hard as life in an NT world. I feel your pain.

    Like I remind my wife, she only has to deal with one Aspie (well 2 with my son), I have all of the NT world to contend with on a daily basis.

    But God is good and faithful to give us what we need to love each other.