Friday, November 5, 2010

My Wonderful, Loving Husband

My husband still does not believe he has Asperger's Syndrome.  But when I shared my newfound knowledge of autism's often comorbid condition, CAPD (an auditory processing disorder which can only be diagnosed by an audiologist), he listened.  And even though he did not seem to believe he had any hint of CAPD, and even though he thought it a waste of time and money, because he loves me and knew it was important to me, he agreed to go for testing.

And yes, the test results indicate that he has an auditory processing disorder.  I'm not at all surprised.  I think he is actually quite shocked.  It may take a while to sink in, so I'd better lay low for a while and let him process.

And I gotta say that I love, love, love that he was willing to be tested for me.  It means the world to me that he would do that for me.  This is another strong proof that he does all that is in his power (when it comes to mind) to show that he loves me. 

It has often seemed that he works harder than most people I know, in many areas.   The auditory processing test results make me believe this about him at a deeper, stronger level.  I think I can be more patient, more compassionate, more kind, and less critical than I have been with his slow processing and communication problems.  I hope so, anyway.  We shall see.


  1. Amazing and wonderful news for both of you! I know he probably doesn't see it as wonderful right now, but it's so much better to know. Because guessing what might help is such a helpless way to deal with problems.
    I hope that you continue to have the strength on your journey - it's obviously a work of love and you deserve all the best!

  2. Thank you so much Annette! Guessing (and total denial) make the struggle so much harder. But I really am encouraged now that there is at least some diagnosis and acknowledgment of an underlying medical issue.