Saturday, August 14, 2010

Biblical Counsel for the Suffering Spouse

If you are a Christian woman and are suffering in your marriage, you need to buy the book "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace.  Mrs. Peace is a Biblical Counselor.  This book is full of godly advice, much of which you would receive if you were actually meeting with a biblical counselor.  It's not an easy read, but it is an excellent quick reference.  While in the midst of your pain, you can immediately turn to chapters such as "The Wife's Loneliness", "The Wife's Anger", and "The Wife's Sorrow", and receive counsel which will help you turn your ungodly thinking toward more godly thoughts.

Some examples from a chart in "The Wife's Sorrow" chapter contrasting our Sinful Actions with Godly Actions:

1.  Instead of outbursts of anger, the godly wife should realize her anger will not achieve God's purposes.  She should think long and hard about how to biblically answer.

2.  Instead of telling herself 'This is more than I can stand,', she should think 'This feels like more than I can stand, but God will help me get through it.' 1 Corinthians 10:13.

There are numerous charts like this in the book and I find them to be extremely helpful.  It's comforting to both know I'm not crazy for thinking some of the thoughts listed (and some of them are extreme!), and to be directed toward more godly thinking and responses when I have such thoughts.  I hope you find this resource helpful, especially if you are not able to actually meet one-on-one with a godly biblical counselor.  This book really is the next best thing!

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