Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Wilted Rose

It has been a hard week. Since my husband doesn't know what to do to cheer me up (and doesn't see that I need cheering up in the first place), I sent him an email grocery list with only one item on it: "pretty flowers for the wife."

That evening when he walked in the door, he was grinning ear to ear. He proudly handed me a bunch of wilted, decaying roses. I cheerfully smiled and said 'thank you.'

And then I spent the next several minutes peeling off layers of ugly, wilted petals in search of some sort of loveliness underneath.

The symbolism astounds me.

I am a wilted rose in this asperger marriage. And my aspie husband doesn't even see it. And there are layers of ugliness in our marriage. But if I work hard enough and put in lots of extra effort, I can find some loveliness buried down deep.


  1. The question is,
    DID you find loveliness under the wilt?
    I'm Gambeli and reside in several vertual places, but mostly over here:

  2. Yes. Sad little flowers in a vase are better than an empty vase. They're still flowers! And I do appreciate that he put forth some effort. :o)

  3. My wife had to explain to me the difference between flowers from Coles, flowers from a Petrol station and flowers from a florist.

    I couldn't see the difference without help but now I always get them from the right place.

  4. That makes me laugh. :o) Next time I will be much more specific! "Pretty flowers for the wife that come from __________!"

  5. Update: I finally threw the brown, dying roses away. My husband asked why I threw them away because he said they still looked just fine! And that was helpful to me . . . to see so clearly how very differently we view things.