Friday, April 30, 2010

Cracking Up

After telling a story about something so funny it made the person "crack up," my daughter asked if the person really got cracks in them. "No, it's just an expression that means you laugh really hard." Still looking puzzled, she said . . . "yeah, I thought so."

Recently during her speech therapy they worked on the meanings of several different expressions. And I am very thankful that our insurance is covering the sessions now (her doctor filled out a 'medical necessity' form).


  1. My daughter also has a language-based disorder. One day I was being quite stern with her and said "Honey, read my lips". Her response? "But mommy, you dont' have any words on your lips."

  2. I am a very literal person myself. When someone says that a person wants everything and more. I would ask what is more than everything and how can you have more than everything?