Monday, June 29, 2009

Speech Therapy at Home

Our speech therapist gives us "homework" or things to work on with our daughter at home in between sessions.

1. One thing she recommended is to play games and make sure to win a few. This will let us see how our daughter reacts. We are to teach her to say "congratulations! good game! or good job!" instead of her common reaction of pouting and wanting to quit. Learning to take turns is also important for kids with AS.

2. have the child practice role play of coming into a room and saying "Hi. My name is ________. What is your name?" And when someone says "Hi. How are you?" Instead of just answering "fine" we need to teach our child to respond with "and how are you?" and then to wait and listen to the response.

3. Encourage them to maintain eye contact with all conversations.

4. Practice carrying on a conversation and encouraging the child to stay focused on the topic we want to talk about without looking away or trying to change the subject.

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